Who we are

About us

From targeted well service operations to comprehensive decommissioning projects; from advanced downhole concrete services to impeccable safety protocols, Cheechich is your specialized partner in the well abandonment sector.

Our Commitment To Industry Excellence

We are committed to setting industry benchmarks

Our engagement extends beyond business—we motivate our team to collaborate with initiatives that advance innovation, skill, and community development. As an Indigenous-owned company, we foster diversity and inclusivity, championing progressive growth and transparency in the well servicing sector.

Who We Are

At Cheechich, we are a team of expert problem-solvers united by a single goal: to execute your well abandonment projects efficiently, within budget, and beyond expectations.

Our success is grounded in unwavering adherence to our core principles. Our emphasis on excellence, proactive communication, and a nuanced understanding of the well servicing challenges distinguishes us. Our robust presence in Alberta equips us to adeptly manage regulatory compliance and preemptively address potential challenges, guaranteeing smooth and responsible project delivery.

As an Indigenous-owned company, we focus on the present while paving the way for a resilient and proficient future. With Cheechich, witness your well abandonment visions come to fruition.

Our Mission

We relentlessly pursue the advancement of well abandonment and decommissioning excellence.

Our Focus

Reliable, skilled, and technologically adept: we're dedicated to fulfilling your well service and decommissioning needs with precision and integrity.


The well-being of our workforce and the environment is our top priority. We take a stand against unsafe practices, advocating for proactive solutions, and holding ourselves responsible for the environmental and societal impacts we make.

Our Purpose

Founded on the principle that our actions have a direct influence on the industry and communities, Cheechich places responsibility at the forefront of our operations, championing a diversity of perspectives to ensure our work not only meets but elevates industry standards, instilling enduring value for all stakeholders. Our unwavering commitment is to engineer a safer, more efficient future.

Our Position

Cheechich harnesses in-depth expertise and strategic insight to redefine the well abandonment process. As a company with deep roots and an expansive outlook, we collaborate with our clients and our dedicated team to forge innovative solutions that respect our Indigenous heritage and promote sustainable industry practices.

Meet our leadership

Theoren Gaudette

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

“We favorably impact people, families and communities with our work, our projects and our charitable efforts. It’s an exciting place to be every day and our opportunities to contribute will grow as we continue to grow around the United States.”

Your Next-Generation Partners

“At Cheechich, we are not just performing well services; we are driving industry evolution and advocating for operational excellence in Alberta and beyond. Each project, each innovation, each milestone – contributes to shaping a future where safety, efficiency, and sustainability are paramount.”

  • Theoren Gaudette
    Founder | President