The future you want is within reach


At Cheechich, we champion a culture of precision and safety, fostering a work environment that’s as dynamic as the well servicing and decommissioning sector itself.

Life at Cheechich

Being part of Cheechich means being part of a team with a clear mission: to deliver unparalleled well abandonment services. We share a commitment to excellence that unites us. Here, every team member is part of a cohesive unit that thrives on collaboration, excellence, and integrity.



Work-Life Harmony

We understand the importance of work-life balance: we support your commitments to family and community, recognizing the value of your time both on and off the job.

Health & Well-being

Our people are our strength. That’s why we offer comprehensive health benefits, generous time-off policies, and wellness incentives to ensure you’re at your best.

Community Engagement

Community and family are central to us. Cheechich is committed to supporting community initiatives and offers assistance programs aimed at community development.

Mental Wellness

We prioritize mental well-being, providing a supportive environment and resources to manage workplace stress and maintain mental health.

Diversity in Leadership

We actively work towards diversity in leadership roles, creating pathways for all individuals to succeed and lead, particularly in the well servicing and decommissioning sector.

Career Advancement

Your professional development is integral to our success. We facilitate career growth, offering opportunities to rapidly advance in your career.

Growth & Development

Well Services Training Program

The Well Services Training Program at Cheechich is fundamental in developing our skilled workforce. We’re invested in empowering our team, offering hands-on experience and progressive responsibilities. Training opportunities are abundant, especially for those pursuing careers in well services operations and management.

Career Opportunities

A Career With Limitless Potential

A career at Cheechich means endless possibilities. We push beyond the conventional, offering roles that challenge and exceed the standard scope of well services and decommissioning roles.