Steering Innovation in Well Servicing and Abandonment

At Cheechich Ltd., our leadership is as multifaceted as the landscapes we service. Our executive team, united by a shared vision of innovation in the oilfield sector, drives our mission to deliver unparalleled well servicing and abandonment solutions. Meet the pioneers at the helm of our operations.

Theoren Gaudette

Founder | President
“We are committed to excellence in every aspect of well servicing and abandonment.”

Cheechich Ltd. is more than a company—it’s a beacon of industry-leading practices and sustainable progress in Alberta’s oilfield sector. Each decommissioning project and every servicing call is a testament to our dedication to advancing the industry and fostering a legacy of environmental stewardship.

Chris McCormack

Vice President
Guiding Cheechich Ltd. with financial acumen and strategic foresight, Chris McCormack stands as our Vice President. With an eye for sustainable growth and risk management, Chris ensures our financial health is robust and our resources are judiciously leveraged for maximum impact in the well servicing and abandonment sector. His expertise underpins our operational success, laying a solid financial foundation for our projects and our future.

Jamie MacDonald

Operations Manager
As operations manager, Jamie MacDonald is the keystone of our operational excellence. Jamie’s leadership in streamlining our well servicing and abandonment operations has been instrumental in elevating our on-site performance and client satisfaction. His comprehensive approach to operational logistics and efficiency drives our day-to-day activities, ensuring that Cheechich Ltd. not only meets but exceeds the industry benchmarks for safety and service quality.

Our leaderships

Manuel Mitchell

Chief Financial Officer

“Wade believes the company’s shareholder program