Theoren Gaudette


Founded Cheechich EarthWorks

June 11, 2023

Years in the Industry:

10 Years

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Theo Gaudette is at the helm of all strategic and operational aspects of Cheechich Earthworks. Theo’s journey began over a decade ago, starting as a heavy equipment operator. His decade-long industry experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the work dynamics, has provided him with a unique perspective that shapes the ethos of Cheechich Earthworks.

In 2023, Theo leveraged his industry knowledge and passion for community empowerment to establish Cheechich Earthworks. His mission is to close the employment gaps within Indigenous communities, providing them with comprehensive training and job opportunities in the heavy equipment operation sector.

With a relentless commitment to advancing Indigenous communities, offering competitive wages, and maintaining high industry standards, Theo is dedicated to creating lasting legacies. His leadership and vision form the cornerstone of Cheechich Earthworks. His commitment to inclusivity and bettering lives defines his approach and sets Cheechich Earthworks apart.