Creating a safe, dynamic culture


At Cheechich Earthworks, safety is woven into the fabric of our operations. It serves as a fundamental principle guiding every decision we make. We nurture a culture where everyone genuinely cares for one another, unified by our goal of achieving zero incidents.

Elevating Well Servicing, Operation by Operation

Cheechich Ltd. emerges as a formidable force in the oilfield sector, bringing over a century of collective oilfield wisdom to every well servicing project. Our service rig, detailed in the equipment spec sheet, is designed for versatility and efficiency, providing robust support for a variety of servicing tasks.

In the specialized field of well servicing, our experienced team employs our comprehensive equipment to enhance production, perform workovers, and execute maintenance with exceptional proficiency. Our selection of tools and machinery is tailored for optimal control and performance during all well servicing operations.

Our commitment extends beyond the tasks at hand; we serve as consultants to our clients, offering insights into well servicing strategies that maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Facing a spectrum of well conditions and challenges, Cheechich Ltd. adapts and excels, bringing innovative solutions to conventional well servicing needs. We refine our techniques with each operation, anticipating and fulfilling the evolving demands of the oilfield.

Ultimately, Cheechich Ltd. stands as your partner in well servicing success. We’re dedicated to enhancing your operations, ensuring every well delivers its full potential, project by project, contributing to a robust and dynamic oilfield sector in Alberta.

Safer Together

Our Response to Safety Challenges

In times of unforeseen challenges, the safety of our employees and partners remains our utmost priority. We have adopted stringent safety protocols and standard operating procedures that align with the highest standards of industrial safety. We foster an open dialogue on all our sites, encouraging team members to communicate safety concerns immediately so they can be promptly addressed.

We see with a 360° awareness approach

Our established approach incorporates a comprehensive safety plan, protections for the public, rigorous training for our team, and an uncompromising standard of cleanliness on site. These elements form the foundation of our robust safety culture.

Pioneers in Safety

Rethinking safety from a different perspective begins with leadership: our senior leaders invest not only in advanced technologies and equipment but also in empowering every employee to contribute to our safety culture.

A Culture of Mutual Care

We strive for every employee and partner to feel part of a shared mission and cohesive team. Our teams build stronger relationships with partners, emphasizing the value of people and teamwork over mere processes and checklists. Our priority is to watch out for each other, working safer together to eliminate injuries.


Presidents Safety Award and Excellence in Safety, The Construction Employers’ Association


The Million Work Hours Award (2 Million Hours), The National Safety Council


Occupational Excellence Achievement Award (2020), The National Safety Council