Elevating Industry Standards with Proven Decommissioning Practices

Cheechich Equipment Advantage

At Cheechich Ltd., we equip our team with industry-leading machinery, ensuring every decommissioning project is a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency. With an arsenal of well-maintained, high-performance equipment, we set the standard for well abandonment operations.

Advancing Decommissioning, Well by Well

Cheechich Ltd. represents a new chapter in the oilfield sector; we’re your collaborative force in driving industry-leading outcomes. Despite being a fresh face on the scene, our management and crew bring over a century of collective experience to the oilfield, ensuring that our suite of specialized equipment and strategic methodologies are backed by a legacy of knowledge. Our proficiency is showcased in every decommissioning task, ensuring the safe and compliant closure of wells with seasoned expertise.

As artisans in well abandonment, we draw upon our deep-seated experience to ensure that non-productive wells are decommissioned with the highest standards of care and professionalism. Our tools and processes are carefully selected to manage every aspect of decommissioning with precision and safety.

Our role transcends the provision of services; we are advisers and partners to our clients, guiding them through the nuances of well abandonment. Through our consultative services, we empower stakeholders to make informed decisions that uphold industry best practices and operational excellence.

Each project presents its unique challenges, but Cheechich Ltd. is invigorated by such diversity, seeing each as an opportunity to apply our extensive experience, innovate, and elevate our craft. We blend time-honored wisdom with innovative solutions to address the needs of today and prepare for the challenges of the future.

In essence, Cheechich Ltd. is more than just a service provider; we are pioneers in the decommissioning field, committed to actualizing your vision of a safe, clean, and progressive industry. Each project undertaken is a step towards shaping a future where the oilfield industry’s excellence and ecological responsibility are in sync, and Cheechich Ltd. is at the forefront of this journey.

Equipment for Abandonment Excellence

Rig #1: The Pinnacle of Performance Our internally guyed single rig is the cornerstone of our fleet, boasting a 2000-meter capacity for comprehensive well abandonment projects. The combination of strength and precision makes this rig an asset for operations demanding the utmost in safety and efficiency.

Mast: Stability Meets Efficiency The mast of our rig reflects our promise of unwavering reliability, providing the necessary support for complex abandonment tasks and ensuring a secure work environment.

Carrier: Your Project, Mobilized Essential to our operations, the carrier delivers exceptional power and mobility, designed to maneuver swiftly and safely across various terrains.

Overhead and Handling Equipment: Control at Every Turn Our overhead and handling inventory, featuring high-capacity blocks and elevators, is selected for its ability to handle the rigors of well abandonment with finesse.

Accumulator and BOP: Guardians of Safety The accumulator and BOP systems represent the forefront of our safety protocol, offering crucial pressure control and swift emergency response for peace of mind.

Safety Equipment: Our Commitment to a Safe Worksite From fire extinguishers to high-angle rescue kits, our safety equipment encompasses everything needed to ensure a safe work environment, reflecting our zero-compromise approach to safety.

Equipment Truck with Picker: Versatile and Ready This versatile piece of equipment brings functionality to the field, ensuring that our comprehensive toolset is always within arm’s reach, wherever the project demands.

Mobile Doghouse: On-Site Command Center Our mobile doghouse serves as a command center on the move, complete with a generator set and necessary operational facilities, maintaining efficiency in the field.

Mobile Pump & Tank with Cement Hopper: Fluid Management Excellence Handling fluids and cement with precision, our mobile pump and tank unit is engineered for optimal performance, ensuring effective management of all materials.

Miscellaneous Equipment: The Essential Extras We round out our equipment list with an array of essential tools and devices, ensuring that we’re always prepared for the unique requirements of each abandonment project.