Our goal at Cheechich Earthworks is to set your project on the path to success from the start. Our pre-construction services encompass every facet of your project’s scope within the logging industry in Alberta.

Enhancinge Efficiency and Reducing Risk

We bring forward our expertise, insights, and seamless communication to ensure your project is well-defined and achievable by all involved. Before any earth moving begins, we engage with our clients in detailed analysis, strategy, and feasibility of the project at hand. Engaging an experienced earthworks contractor like Cheechich Earthworks early in the process enables guidance through the project from a constructability viewpoint within the logging sector.

Driving Growth in the Logging Industry

At Cheechich Earthworks, we are instrumental in shaping the logging industry’s landscape in Alberta. Our bespoke earthwork services, honed specifically for this sector, amalgamate advanced technology, skilled manpower, and deep-seated environmental responsibility to deliver unparalleled efficiency while retaining harmony with nature.

Our services extend across a broad spectrum to accommodate the unique demands of your logging operations. These include constructing logging roads, where we carve pathways through challenging terrains, enabling seamless timber transportation while minimizing environmental impact. Our roads are not just routes—they are lifelines that facilitate efficient logging operations, contributing to Alberta’s economic growth.

Moreover, we specialize in site preparation, where we adapt landscapes for log extraction, creating operational areas that balance productivity and environmental sustainability. In doing so, we ensure your logging sites are primed for success, optimizing yields while preserving ecological balance.

Drainage control is another of our key services in the logging sector. We design and implement efficient water management systems to control surface run-off, preserving soil integrity, and mitigating erosion—protecting both your operations and the surrounding environment.

In all our services, we work in tandem with our clients, thoroughly understanding their needs and challenges. Our approach is more than task execution; we provide strategic insights, be it improving site accessibility, enhancing worker safety, or optimizing operational efficiency.

At Cheechich Earthworks, we regard each project as an opportunity to sculpt Alberta’s logging industry landscape, fueling growth and progress project by project. Our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability positions us not merely as service providers, but as partners in constructing a sustainable and prosperous future for the logging industry.

Our team collaborates with engineers to identify systems and infrastructural details that need specific courses of action.

Setting Project Objectives

Our focus is not just on cost reduction but on creating value for your investment. We seize this opportunity to engage our expert thinkers and problem solvers in finding innovative solutions that respect and enhance your design. Our extensive experience and out-of-the-box thinking drive alternative solutions that might be cost-neutral but offer significant savings in the project’s lifecycle or construction time. We can model alternate solutions and provide swift cost analysis of various design options.

Anticipating Potential Challenges

Certain features like logging roads, water management systems, or site stabilization may present challenges in the design phase, or there might be a risk of erosion or flooding. Preparing for procurement delays of specialized machinery or materials can also be handled during the pre-construction phase. All these potential issues can be anticipated and mitigated during our early engagement.

Pre-Construction surveys

A pre-construction survey is an in-depth analysis of the physical state of the property and its surroundings, conducted before any earthworks begin. These surveys allow our engineers and earthworks experts to identify potential problems in advance and determine whether any pre-existing conditions may affect construction activities. Our surveys look out for major challenges like drainage issues, soil stability, or elevation adjustments required for the project. This proactive approach ensures that site challenges do not arise later during construction or operation.