Well Service

Harnessing Precision for Well Servicing Excellence

Cheechich Service Rig Advantage

At Cheechich Ltd., we deploy our service rig with precision and care, embodying our dedication to quality, safety, and operational excellence in well servicing. Our rig is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring high-performance well servicing operations that set industry benchmarks.

Elevating Well Servicing, Operation by Operation

Cheechich Ltd. emerges as a formidable force in the oilfield sector, bringing over a century of collective oilfield wisdom to every well servicing project. Our service rig, detailed in the equipment spec sheet, is designed for versatility and efficiency, providing robust support for a variety of servicing tasks.

In the specialized field of well servicing, our experienced team employs our comprehensive equipment to enhance production, perform workovers, and execute maintenance with exceptional proficiency. Our selection of tools and machinery is tailored for optimal control and performance during all well servicing operations.

Our commitment extends beyond the tasks at hand; we serve as consultants to our clients, offering insights into well servicing strategies that maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Facing a spectrum of well conditions and challenges, Cheechich Ltd. adapts and excels, bringing innovative solutions to conventional well servicing needs. We refine our techniques with each operation, anticipating and fulfilling the evolving demands of the oilfield.

Ultimately, Cheechich Ltd. stands as your partner in well servicing success. We’re dedicated to enhancing your operations, ensuring every well delivers its full potential, project by project, contributing to a robust and dynamic oilfield sector in Alberta.

Equipment for Well Servicing Precision

We understand that the precision of well servicing hinges on the quality of equipment employed. Our rigorously selected service rig and associated machinery are at the heart of our operation, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and unwavering reliability in every task. From our high-capacity rigs capable of handling a wide array of well interventions to our state-of-the-art safety and handling equipment, we are equipped to enhance well performance and extend its lifespan. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and continuous maintenance means we’re not just meeting industry standards—we’re setting them.

Rig #1: Your Assurance of Service Excellence

Our service rig, with its 2000-meter capacity, is not just a component of our fleet; it’s a symbol of our commitment to operational superiority in well servicing.

Mast: A Beacon of Reliability.

With a clear height that promises operational versatility, our mast supports a wide range of well servicing tasks, assuring stability and efficiency.

Carrier: Agile and Robust

Our carrier ensures that our service rig is where it needs to be, delivering reliable power and exceptional maneuverability to well sites across diverse terrains.

Overhead and Handling Equipment: Mastery Over Operations

Featuring top-tier blocks and elevators, our equipment is chosen for its superior handling capabilities, essential for precise well servicing.

Accumulator and BOP: The Safeguards of Servicing

Our safety equipment, including the accumulator and BOP systems, provides critical pressure control, ensuring safe operations during every servicing task.

Safety Equipment: A Pledge to Zero Harm

We equip our sites with comprehensive safety gear, from advanced fire extinguishers to cutting-edge rescue kits, affirming our zero-compromise policy on site safety.

Equipment Truck with Picker: Service Support Centralized

This key asset enables us to bring a full array of servicing tools directly to the well site, ensuring efficiency and readiness in all conditions.

Mobile Doghouse: Commanding Operations with Finesse

Our mobile doghouse offers a hub for on-site coordination, complete with power generation and essential facilities to maintain peak operational capacity.

Mobile Pump & Tank with Cement Hopper: Fluid Dynamics Redefined

Tailored for superior fluid and cement management, our mobile unit guarantees precise handling, critical to the success of well servicing tasks.

Miscellaneous Equipment: The Finishing Touches

With a full complement of auxiliary tools and equipment, we ensure that our service rig is ready to meet the specific needs of any well servicing operation.