A bold direction


At Cheechich Ltd., we’re forging a new path in the well abandonment and servicing industry. Our vision is defined by an unwavering commitment to drive innovation and operational excellence in every project. As a new player, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our clients and the industry at large.

Our Core Values

Unity. Diligence. Excellence. Respect. Safety.

These values are the bedrock of our operation. They fuel our drive to set new standards and to consistently deliver superior service.


Safety is our paramount concern. At Cheechich Ltd., we are dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment with the goal of achieving zero incidents.


Our approach to well abandonment and servicing is sustainable, ensuring that we protect the environment while delivering our services.


Our commitment is to uphold the highest standards of quality. We aim for operational excellence in every aspect of our work, striving to not just meet but exceed expectations.

Our Commitments

Every Decision Shapes Our Legacy

Our Vision

To revolutionize well abandonment and servicing processes, ensuring each operation is carried out with unparalleled precision and safety.

Innovating for Tomorrow

We understand the unique challenges of well servicing and abandonment. At Cheechich Ltd., we are committed to exceeding expectations and adding value through our inventive approach, advanced technology, and a streamlined methodology.

Pioneering Excellence

Our team is equipped with a diverse range of expertise, enabling us to tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of every project. We are here to demonstrate what’s possible when innovation meets dedication.


Every decision we make is an opportunity to reinforce our legacy of safety, sustainability, and quality. These principles guide us toward achieving zero incidents, maintaining operational excellence, and delivering the highest quality in all our endeavors.

Your next-generation construction partners

Theoren Gaudette

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

“We favorably impact people, families and communities with our work, our projects and our charitable efforts. It’s an exciting place to be every day and our opportunities to contribute will grow as we continue to grow around the United States.”

Manuel Mitchell

Chief Financial Officer

“Wade believes the company’s shareholder program is a “gamechanger” in the construction industry. Konstruktion is 100% employee-owned, which means employees have the opportunity to invest in their own hard work.”

Your Future Focused Partners

We are Cheechich Ltd., your partners in progress. As an emerging company in well abandonment and servicing, we are committed to setting new benchmarks for safety and efficiency in the industry. Join us as we embark on a journey to a sustainable and successful future.